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Chitrakoot (Satna)

The religious activity builds up in a crescendo of colours and spontaneous expressions of faith through the day, past high noon, gently diminishing as the setting sun picks out the bright colours of flower petals floating down the river, while the evening ‘arti’ lends its melodious cadences to the deepening dusk. At all times, Ramghat witnesses a deep and abiding faith which finds expressing in the rituals which honour the sanctity of Chitrakoot. The Satna city from the earlier days is famous for its pious and pilgrim activities. There are many old temples been situated in this region. Some of the famous temples in this are : Vyankatesh temple, Hanuman Mandir, Devi Mata ka Mandir. The religious importance of the city has been also increased because of the Maa Sharda Mandir, situated 38 km away from the city. The main religious importance of the city is because of Ramvan (temple of Lord Hanuman). The Ramvan temple is situated 15 km away from the city on the National highway towards Rewa.


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