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History and Dynasty

Maihar being an erstwhile Princely State was established by the present Yogawat Kachhawaha Rajput Dynasty in 1770 by the 1st ruling chief Shri Benl Singh Ju Deo its capital being Maihar itself. The fort was originally constructed by “Chandela Rulers” whose capital was Mahoba (now in U.P.). Part of present fort was built in the 14the century which is a unique creation of solid stone work which infuses typical Bundelkhand architecture.

The fort is divided into two portions 

Moti Mahal
Mati Mahal

Both the portions have a central courtyard with rooms all around spanning two floors. The fort was again extended in the 20th century by the last ruling chief K.C.I.E H.H Maharaha Brijnath Singh Ju Deo which has two floors along with the basement and exhibits a unique fusion of eastern and western architecture. The total area being 834850.4 Sqft and 484044.2 Sqft being the built-up area and it encompasses over 300 rooms.

The new palace is inlaid with pure Italian Marble flooring and the wood work is mainly of rich Burma teak. The main ‘Darbar Hall’ is more than 100ft high supported by four large pillars and the ceiling is made of imported plaster of Paris blocks. It also has six huge canvas painting of picturesque places in and around Maihar township by Shri T.K. Mitra and artis from Calcutta which add to the glamour of the hall.

Maharaja Brijnath Singh Ju deo, the last ruling emperor was a connoisseur of Indian classical music and also facilitated the birth of the famous “Maihar Gharana” Therefore the palace has a special music room with a concave ceiling which was constructed for Baba to highlight

A huge garden area and an inbuilt lake also exists in the palace called ‘Sagra’ where different spices of birds are also sited during dawn and dusk.


Maihar Heritage Palace & Fort
Brij Villas Palace (Kila Maihar)

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